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Why Buy a Used Macintosh Notebook

Dear Friend,

My name is Eugene and I'm the CEO at Silver Computers Inc. As someone who has been a Mac user since 2008 I have been on both sides of purchasing used and new machines more than once and after some deliberation I realized that buying used is a better choice for *most* people including myself.

A modern Apple notebook computer is a high quality machine built with virtually no moving parts. The processor, memory and flash storage especially tend have a long lifespan. Therefore, it can work flawlessly for many years with little to no maintenance providing reliable service for relatively long time. Some people such as myself like to use these properties to their advantage and stay ahead of the curve by purchasing a gently-used pre-owned laptop with a healthy discount rather than splurging on a new machine and then losing considerable money in immediate depreciation.

So ask us today if a last-generation Mac with a fast processor, adequate memory and decent-sized flash storage is a good choice for you. Because even for demanding professionals a used machine often is the best answer due to sufficient power and better overall value.

Here at Silver Computers we utilize a carefully designed checklist process to verify all basic functions before a sale so you can buy with confidence and enjoy your new gently-used laptop for years to come. And when you are ready to upgrade bring your old machine back to us and we'll happily appraise it for you with an option to trade it in on a newer system.

We strive to provide you the best service possible to make sure your new purchase and you are a good match. We like to see our computers go to a happy home where they'll be treated with respect that such a great piece of modern technology deserves and bring as much computing satisfaction to the user as possible while keeping their wallet remains sufficiently full.


Silver Computers Inc

Additional Information and Help​

If you have any questions or comments, or would like some help choosing the right notebook, please contact us.

We also welcome you to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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